Healthana Soft is oriented to uphold the following perspectives:-

  • Evolution of a new philosophy and methodology for the Total Health Care with respect to the place, people and period of time.

  • Provision of professional, ethical and economical Health Care with special emphasis on financial expenditure with out affecting the quality.

  • Provision of accessibility, transparency, confidentiality, responsibility and sincerity in the fields of health care with proper documentation of all health care details with the use of computer, internet, information technology and other latest technologies.

  • Consider Health Education , Disease Prevention , Periodic Health Evaluation, Early Diagnosis. Prompt Treatment and Proper Rehabilitation are essential for the better prevalence of Health.

  • Continuous monitoring of the various aspects of the work done regarding the morbidity , mortality , speed of health delivery, speed of recovery, complications met with , patient/ customer satisfaction, financial expenditure and assessment of the failures and pitfalls in the process 

  • Provision of Health Club facility, the members of which will get quality total health care at nominal costs and will be protected with Health Card, Insurance  Facilities etc..

  • Provision of Ethical Health Care and prevention of exploitation in the field, upholding high quality and standards.

  • Affiliation of smaller and bigger hospitals all over India and abroad even in the remote areas.

  • Provision of Health Insurance and Free Total Health Care facilities.

  • Provision of special schemes for the total health care of the relatives and dependants of the Non Resident Indians who work abroad.

  • Starting of new hospitals, institutions, clinics, centres or units in all the major and minor cities of India and abroad.

  • Taking over of existing hospitals, institutions, clinics, centres and units in India and abroad as well as leasing, associating or affiliating other hospitals, companies, societies, organisation, trusts, institutions or individuals involved in the field.

  • Provision for manufacturing, trading or involve in other activities to provide quality medicines and other necessary items of equipments  required in the propagation of Total Health Care.

  • Association and affiliation with other groups, companies, interested parties, governments, societies, trusts, organisations,  institutions or individuals in India and  abroad with similar goals or involved  in the health care field or interested to help such cause.

  • Plan and execute novel technologies and mechanisms solely or in partnership or as joint ventures in the field of health care with special attention to research, development and growth of the scientific knowledge for the prosperity and health of the mankind.

  • Evolution and development of the total Health Care with computer application and information technology avenues.

  • Resort to various financial activities within the provision of the companies act 1956 for the procurement and development of the financial acumen to achieve  the goals.

  • Diversify the activities into other fields which will supplement the main goal of the health promotion.

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